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Online Rehab Addiction Treatment

Online Addiction Recovery


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  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Eating Disorder Awarness
  • Emotional Issues
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • We treat all addictions


  • Your own personal registered addictions counsellor, and 3 other support counsellors
  • Live Online Sessions from Registered Counsellors & Addiction Specialists (30 years + combined experience)
  • Live Online Group sessions
  • A course through the 12 steps including knowledge of AA, NA, EA and other addiction programmes
  • Local Meeting & Support group assistance for your specific area.
  • A Maximum of 2 emergency support sessions *
  • Access to online journaling with your counsellor, meditation and mindfulness resources, videos, audios and other pertinent recovery course material
  • The Course in recovery workbook & Journal for Online Rehab Addiction Treatment
  • All your course information to help support your journey through a course in recovery.
  • Professional ongoing support *
  • Complete Emotional, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Counselling Course
  • Family Pack – Family support and involvement programme


  • Learn everything there is to know about addiction, sobriety and recovery.
  • Learn to live a clean, healthy and sober life in recovery
  • Awaken to your true potential and start today Online Rehab Addiction Treatment
  • Grow, Change, Heal, Recover and Enrich your life!
  • Learn about the world renowned 12 steps of addiction recovery and how to apply these principles to your own life and situation


The therapeutic approach underlying this manual is grounded in the principles and 12 Steps of AA. It is important to note, however, that this manual has no official relationship with or sanction from Alcoholics Anonymous. This course and the counselling offers only to provide you with tools to start and then maintain your recovery.

Online Rehab Addiction Treatment


Drug Rehab Centres Online Rehab Addiction Treatment courses make no claims or guarantees whatsoever regarding the effectiveness of the treatment procedures described in the workbook manual, the 12 steps or any other concepts in the programme. The course is in no way designed to be a replacement for hospitalization or professional treatment. It is designed only to support people who want to learn more about recovery and healing through spiritual and mindful principles. The course is an introduction to teach readers and learners a new, healthier way to think, feel and act without the need to use any mind altering substances or negative cognitive practices. Always consult your doctor if you are unclear of anything. Many drugs require a detoxification process, and we always recommend an initial consultation with your GP. The course is useless if the reader does not maintain abstinence throughout the course period. If the reader is unable to maintain sobriety they should enter an in or out patient drug rehabilitation programme immediately. Drug Rehab Centres Online Rehab Addiction Treatment courses indemnifies itself from all liability and responsibility regarding any actions the reader may take, which actions are completely outside of the control and scope of the course we offer. It is not possible for Drug Rehab Centres courses to offer any guarantees, commitments or promises to the reader. We can only offer the knowledge we have learned from the many years of combined in-patient rehabilitation experience we have had. If there is no willingness to recover, there is no chance of recovery.

For more information about our Online Rehab Addiction Treatment course get in touch today.

Also available from Drug Rehab Centres Courses in Recovery Series:

  • A course through Depression & Anxiety
  • A course in overcoming Co-dependency
  • A course through Emotions Anonymous
  • A course in creating Healthy Boundaries
  • A course through Trauma
  • A course in Nutritional Nurturing (body, mind, soul)
  • A course in Forgiveness & Healing
  • A course in Spirituality
  • A course in finding purpose & meaning
  • A course in Marriage & Relationship

3 thoughts on “Online Rehab Addiction Treatment

    1. For online rehab treatment we charge a 50% less fee. R5250.00 for the month of September and October. The course is 12 weeks. If you send me your email address I can send further information. Otherwise private rehabs start at around R20 000 and public rehabs are also an option.


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