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Aside from online help we offer private residential treatment. We offer in-patient residential Primary, Secondary, Aftercare and then also offer online treatment programmes both at our primary in-patient facility and online. Our drug rehab centre treatment programmes help our clients deal with all drug and alcohol addictions. We also treat depressiondual diagnosisself-harm, eating disorders and gambling. Drug addiction rehab programmes are also designed for sex and love addiction, prescription drugs, cocaineheroinmarijuana, smoking cessation and all other substances.


Our drug rehab centre treatment programmes offers the very best in modern drug addiction treatment programmes. Our usual programme is 90 days. However, everyone is an individual with us, so programmes are personalized to suit each clients specific requirements.

Primary in-patient treatment programmes include group work, lectures, therapy sessions, progress sessions and general therapeutic activities. These are balanced with practically learning how to live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. How to thrive on exercise, freedom and healthy food in a sober, comfortable and relaxed context.

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Drug rehab centre treatment programmes offer the very latest developments in both 12 step and psychological recovery. With decades of combined and up to date professional experience, our team have gained significant results for our clients from all over the world. This is fast becoming a trend that is synonymous with the name Drug rehab Centers stands for. Wellness, long term recovery and healing are our main areas of focus. We delve beyond addiction into the emotional and spiritual aspects of life and recovery. If it is a life changing wellness and addiction recovery programme you seek, look no further!

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To complement your treatment a wealth of local professional practitioners complete our client offering, ensuring world class standards of healthcare are maintained. Our modern, yet classical programme approach to getting our clients ‘better than well’ rests on an existential, warm and person-centered approach to therapy. Furthermore clients at our drug addiction rehab centers are encouraged not merely through the twelve steps. Deep emotional, psychological and spiritual therapeutic work is the heart beat of our facilities. Essentially, we provide highly focused professional healing and our distinctive drug rehab centre treatment programmes changes lives!

Ke Moja (meaning no thanks)- I am fine without drugs is a good philosophy to live by!! Start your recovery today and rewrite your story.


With each phase of drug rehab centre treatment programmes you complete, the more responsibility is given to the clients from the outset. Knowing when they leave a drug rehab centre, they will have every opportunity to use, or to stay clean. The choice is theirs. We find people tend to stay clean in drug addiction rehab centres, but often relapse once home, and removed from a safe environment, can relapse.  Did you know that a 5% recovery rate is arguably the most accurate statistic for traditional recovery from chronic addictions? That is why you need to be sure you are dealing with the right registered counsellors.

Over and above doing deep emotional work at our drug rehab centres, the clients’s underlying issues that surround their addictionare explored. We develop social, and life skills alongside our treatment programme. We put the theory learned in primary treatment into ecstatic motion in the practical side of secondary care and aftercare. Often this makes all the difference to long term, sustained recovery. Money management, healthy cooking and eating, and balancing work, play and sports is essential to a good primary and secondary or aftercare care treatment programme.


Drug rehab Centres are fast becoming renowned for having and maintaining long term relationships with clients who have worked hard in their drug rehab centre treatment programmes. We constantly offer support and keep in touch with these clients, and offer resources from time to time to keep recovery alive and in first place. Knowing you have a support system like ours, and a place where you are always welcome to get care and assistance is something we value! A good friend can always remind you of things you don’t want to be reminded of yourself.

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