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Aftercare rehab centre

aftercare rehab centre

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One reason that continuing treatment in an aftercare rehab centre is essential in all situations is because longstanding substance abuse can, in some cases, alter the normal functioning of the brain. Some of these changes do not instantly reverse once use ends. In fact, they can last long after substance use has terminated. Drug Recovery is a Lifelong Commitment. Once discharged readjusting to everyday life can be difficult and stressful. Because it’s common to relapse back into old patterns within the first few months post-treatment, a continuing aftercare plan is crucial to the overall drug recovery process. You also don’t necessarily want your self or your child being institutionalized and taken away from normal living patterns for to long. This is why a specialist aftercare rehab centre program like Full Circle is so important. A detox period is arguably what happens in the first month of recovery. You get the crap out of your system, but that’s close to all that often happens. It is not enough. You get to be responsible for your self, more and more as the days roll by. This means aftercare rehab centre programs like this are integrative in taking people from the shock of rehab to a more normal sober living experience.

An aftercare rehab centre recovery program need not be the same old, hard core, primary rehab experience again and again. Rather an alternative regime that shows people the bigger picture, including the benefits, rewards and successes a life well lived can bring may be far more successful than regular rehab. Many psychologists today say that you need to experience something rather than just learn about it. Learning about it, in fact oftentimes, doesn’t even have an effect. Personal experience on the other hand is key. This is why a program like Full Circle Life Recovery, by Mark L Lockwood and his team, has been so effective.

The physical impact of addiction is often accompanied by several psychological changes—affecting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may persist even after the substance is removed from the body. The physiological changes associated with addiction and their potential lasting impacting to both mental and physical health serve to reaffirm the need for long-term treatment.

In this aftercare rehab centre program you learn the art of balanced living, of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! We provide a professional, programme for a wide range of addictive behaviours. Develop a passion for life and adventure, for doing, for creating and just for being. Life is good after recovery and we become better than well! Did you know an aftercare rehab centre post a primary treatment provides approximately 68% better chance of lasting, life changing recovery?

Take your recovery to the next level by getting to the core issues of your addictive behaviours and their consequences. Discover how to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep learning and Give. We provide world class rehabilitation from substance, alcohol, depression, anxiety, dual diagnosis and food addiction is an on-going process and that is why after care is so important to bridge the gap between abstinence and life long recovery. Pathways is this bridge, and has been for many people and their families from around the world. At Pathways we emphasize optimal living and get into the emotional aspects of the issues at their core, focus on the collective development of our clients, and a modern yet classical philosophy that brings out the very best capabilities in our clients. With us you can learn to live unforced recovery in ecstatic motion.

In the FULL CIRCLE PROGRAMME there is a strong emphasis on developing physical fitness and personal character first. The development of strong character traits – courage, perseverance, patience, tolerance, integrity, sense of humour etc. This is achieved through counselling coaching but also through facing and overcoming a variety of challenges, both individually and as part of a team. Throughout the range of activities we use every opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork abilities involving practical experience in true to life situations.

The aftercare rehab centre program outline

While staying in the luxury of our home styled and intimate centre in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, you don’t just do recovery work. You grow! Week 1 – Orientation week where you come in relax and settle in. We develop an individual treatment plan and move forward with your interests likes, and dislikes. Nothing is forced on you at Pathways, all activities are suggestion based.

Week 2 brings, for example, gym routines, kayak and skippers competence, horse riding, swimming, technical skills, weapons handling and bush craft. During this time clients are exposed to practical life management, cooking and healthy nutrition. Mindfulness is a big part of what we do, the area reserves and the wild ocean, Knysna forest etc. just lends itself to this. Emotional and psychological work (some of the best in the country) is done by our registered and highly experienced counsellors at our aftercare rehab centre.

Weeks 5 onward bring bush camp experience, some camping, volunteer work, hiking and rock climbing, bush survival and awareness. The steps overview are completed in depth so you can work them and live them on a daily basis in life. There’s no point in only doing a few of the steps. If you don’t follow the 12 steps, our daily routine and spiritual principles programmes will assist with life changing action that you can take daily. Work is intense and hard however, it is well balanced with life achievements like gaining skippers licenses, many life capabilities. Even personal financial management, studies and entrepreneurship (we always work for ourselves) are considered.

For more information on our aftercare rehab centre program contact 0824424779 or email

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