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Marijuana Addiction and treatment

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Marijuana Addiction and treatment are associated with so much more in terms of issues, problems and symptoms than most people think. We find marijuana is often one of the worst drugs to treat at our Marijuana Addiction Rehab Centres. People just don’t get what it does to the system, the thought processes and eventually the physical body. Marijuana is about more. You use more of it, more often in the end. Doing less of other things in the end. And in the end it often has dire consequences of users. How many people started smoking marijuana and moved into drug addiction with other drugs is old news. The argument of whether or not it is a gateway drug, is too. Seldom today is the drug natural as argued either and in general a lot of misconceptions revolve around the subject of Marijuana in our Marijuana Addiction Rehab Centres. That is for sure!

Well, imagine this. Everyone starts smoking marijuana. This is indeed the wish of many fundamentalist pot smoking fundamentalists. They push for legalization on social media, and vow it has no consequences or side affects. No side effects like I have just detailed above. They seldom will agree it is addictive yet smoke more and more, stronger strains. What would the world be like if everyone was stoned. Better they say? How much better would the brand new Land rover you bought be created by people high on dope? How would it be if the heart surgeon was stoned? Teachers at schools? People making your McDonalds burger? Just like Marijuana it doesn’t work. We have learned this the hard way at many Marijuana Addiction Rehab Centres accross the globe. Some of the consequences of smoking dope include:

Symptoms include:

Low energy and self-esteem, dissatisfaction with productivity levels

Sleep and memory problems

Low life satisfaction, Low quality of life. Low self esteem. Low motivation

Difficulty in thinking and problem solving

Ongoing problems with learning and memory

Feeling low, down, or depressed after using

Distorted perceptions

Problems with memory, learning, mood and social behavior

Impaired coordination

Relationship and family problems

Innate guilt associated with use of the drug

Financial difficulties and consequences over time

Any kind of drug shifts your thinking from reality in terms of pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement. With regular use it makes you less intelligent, less creative and less rational despite popular cultural belief. It also doesn’t cam the mind, it takes it out of the present moment. This makes it more anxious about the future and more depressed about the past.

Marijuana Addiction Rehab Centres treat addicted clients?

Long-term marijuana abuse can and does often lead to addiction. About 1 in 11 users become addicted. Some feel this figure is almost double. An addicted person will exhibit compulsive drug seeking and use despite the obvious harmful effects upon social functioning in the context of family, school, work, and recreational activities. Using will elevate. Marijuana is also commonly referred to as a ‘gateway drug’ that de-legitimizes or demystifies the idea of drug use of any kind being a problem that gets worse and worse. Marijuana Addiction Rehab Centres are thankfully making marijuana abusers more aware that its use leads to the abuse other illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens or methamphetamine. If it doesn’t it often leads to stronger strains, used more often, with worsening consequences. Addicts hide consequences, they are brilliant  at it, but not for long.

So we know that many people argue that Marijuana is not addictive. They argue it is a mild drug. They argue it is natural. The truth however is that it is addictive, it alters perceptions and reality and isn’t mild. Neither is almost ALL of the Marijuana that is smoked today by regular users natural. In fact, it can be as strong and as synthetic and modified as acid and other drugs – don’t kid yourself. The chemical in the drug is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Additionally, when long-term marijuana abusers try to stop using the drug, they often suffer with a number of unpleasant symptoms, which make it difficult to quit. The prevalence of marijuana abuse and dependence disorders has been increasing among adults and adolescents. A lot of this increase is directly due to ignorance of the issue at hand. The deception that dope is not bad for you, has made matters far worse. It’s time indeed to realize the real situation at hand, and take a look at exactly what you are dealing with when it come to Marijuana. Long term users often find this out when they try and quit the drug. The desire to stop these withdrawal symptoms, and the avoidance of bearing the feelings and emotions that have been suppressed, along with personal values that have been compromised, leads many people back into marijuana addiction and use.

Marijuana Addiction and treatment

If you are depressed or anxious, have a mental disorder, or personality disorder Marijuana will probably end up making the symptoms worse. This can lead to a vicious cycle until we end up not knowing which was first, the chicken or the egg. Was I more depressed before I started smoking, or has smoking made me more depressed? This is a common line we hear in early recovery in our Marijuana Addiction and treatment. There’s no two ways about it.

Marijuana withdrawal

Some people argue that because marijuana does not have dramatic withdrawal symptoms like alcohol or heroin, it is not addictive. But there are two errors to this thinking. One is that the marijuana of today is more than two times stronger than it was twenty years ago (some say much stronger than that), and withdrawing from that is quite a different matter. The other is that it is simply not true: There ARE withdrawal symptoms when a chronic user stops using cannabis. These often hectic symptoms include:



Decreased appetite, which can trigger disordered eating


Drug craving

Depression, depersonalization, derealization and other anxiety styled symptoms.

Marijuana is not natural any longer. Very, very few people smoke jut, or 100% natural weed, as it is called in South Africa. It has been tampered with by human design to create way, way stronger highs. With this comes the consequences.

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