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With well over 30 years of combined addiction treatment experience we are here to help! As a network of highly skilled and experienced addiction professionals, we know the need for different recovery options. Everyone is different! We work with some of the best registered counsellors in South Africa treating all addictions, depression and dual diagnosis clients.

Due to the demand for quality private care Drug Rehab Centres have established their own 20 sleeper private addiction treatment centre. Private or shared rooms are available for clients who are ready to have a life altering experience, not just regular rehabilitation. We offer a very comfortable experience where clients are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. There is a cleaning and turn down service in the evenings, morning beach walks and special daily interaction with Wild Animals that forms part of the program. See the biggest Ocean Mammal and the biggest land animal in one place, at our treatment centre.

With one of the best teams of registered addiction and depression treatment teams in the country, we are helping people re-write their stories and become free from long term addictive behaviours to all substances, depression, anxiety and dual diagnosis.

Experience recovery in privacy and style at our nature based treatment centre, where you walk with Lions, Swim with Dolphins and partake in a personalized and unique treatment program all in one central location. Call today for different rates and packages that range from 3 to 90 days. All exclusively made to suit your recovery needs.

We take an active interest in helping people with various issues, such as:

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction (Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, MDMA, Tik, Heroin, etc.)
  • Gambling, Sex and Love addiction, internet, co-dependency and ALL other addictions
  • All eating disorders
  • Smoking Cessation and Wellness Programmes
  • Weight, diet and body health management
  • Wellness and Spiritual retreats (find balance, recovery from emotional trauma’s, etc.)
  • IV Therapy, Natural and Juicing detoxes and various natural and clinical detoxification. All the way through to Heroin detox.

We accommodate for people who:

  • Want a certain type of personalized recovery experience.
  • Who are looking for individualized treatment.
  • Clients who work, study or have families.
  • Clients who are seeking a rich growth experience and long term change. It does not have to be rehab. Wellness Centres, Retreats, Spiritual Experiences and assistance with helping young adults launch themselves into their next phase of life.
  • People who work, attend school or university and many others can do our 12 week course online together with the help of our counselling team. Not to be underestimated.

drug rehab centres

  • PRIVATE DRUG REHAB CENTRE: In-patient, Private Drug, Alcohol and depression rehabilitation Centres. Our team will quickly help you with the in-patient solutions you need to start your recovery today. Medical aid and non-medical aid solutions, long terms recovery options, aftercare, depression. Treating all addictions.
  • ONLINE DRUG REHAB: 12 Week Online Drug, Alcohol and or depression recovery course by registered professionals. Suited to people who work, study, or who can’t afford the high cost of drug rehabs. Don’t underestimate the power of an online recovery course. Our team is amazing at what they do with clients who want to get well and have the willingness to re-write their life stories.
  • WORK OR HOME SOLUTION: Tailor made packages to help you start your recovery today. Work with a private addiction counselor or sponsor today. Students, corporates, and those wanting a home-based solution, working hand in hand with their own private addiction specialists. Empathic, warm, person centered help.

Other services include:

  • Help finding an individual or couple counselor in your area, or online.
  • Help with training as a counselor or addictions therapist.
  • Corporate company assistance.
  • Interventions and sober companion transport.
  • Working with you through trauma, depression, divorce, addiction and grief.

For the finest in addiction treatment and recovery in South Africa. CALL 082 442 4779 or email We are here to help you with the right advice, offer you best practice services at our centre or refer you to the right treatment centre.


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