The Inaccurate and Irrational Thinking of Addiction is nothing new to people who have ever had the experience of dealing, living or trying to rationalize with a drug addict or alcoholic. The mind is already made up – that is in fact the addiction. We are addicted to our thinking and not our drinking. But imagine for a minute, being your own worst enemy. Imagine thinking that purple is red, and you’re convinced of it. Imagine how that little lie, should you try and cling to it, would have to leak into every other part of your life eventually. It would compound upon itself like a cancer. Every sunset would bring a lie. Lies bring confusion and divide at the very least.

The Inaccurate and Irrational Thinking of Addiction however is multi-faceted. It is plagued with self-denial, blaming of others and being super-closed off. Addiction is always NO. No to anything and everything that doesn’t suit keeping it alive. Change is an enemy that must be avoided in addiction, so intensely, that we begin not to even hear what people say. We see past what ugliness we do. We become nothing less than delusional in the end. This is at the hart if the Inaccurate and Irrational Thinking of Addiction!

Inaccurate pro-addiction thoughts are by definition invalid, although they seem absolutely true to the addicted person. They are based on the belief that you will fail or get hurt and the only way to succeed, or at least avoid the pain of failure, is to blot out the situation or the feelings by drinking alcohol or using drugs. For example, you might think, “I’ll lose all my friends if I go into this recovery program.” This thought is
inaccurate: your true friends will want you to become healthy again. But you may continue to believe this pro-addiction thought because it gives you a reason to avoid the possibility of failure.

People with addictions get caught in cycles of pro-addiction thinking that lead to unpleasant emotions that lead to harmful pro-addiction behaviors. In most cases, they’re not even aware of what’s happening. 

The Inaccurate and Irrational Thinking of

I can’t get through this without alcohol or drugs.
Using is the only way I’ll be creative and productive.
When I get angry, the only way to calm down is to drink or use.
If I don’t have a drink right now, I’ll die from these horrible cravings.
It’s okay if I disappoint the kid by not showing up at his party; he’ll
get over it.
I’ll be all right in the long run because they’ll probably invent a pill
to cure addiction soon.
I can’t relax without alcohol or drugs.
Getting stoned isn’t really harming my job/family/life.
Those docs don’t know what they’re talking about. Why should I
listen to them?
My girlfriend/boyfriend thinks I’m cute when I’m drunk.
There’s nothing wrong with me; it’s everyone else.
I can stop whenever I want.
When you’re in the grip of pro-addiction thoughts like these, you experience powerful negative emotions that can push you into drinking or using behaviors. And after a while, you may go straight to drinking or using without even waiting for the negative thoughts or emotions to arise. For 
example, as soon as Terri would find out that she’d have to attend a family party, she’d immediately knock back a few beers to ward off the uncomfortable feelings she knew would arise when she saw certain family members.

For more about The Inaccurate and Irrational Thinking of Addiction get in touch. Start one of our many Courses in Recovery. Go to our alternative rehab centres. Whatever you do, just don’t stay addicted to your thinking or your drinking for that matter.

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