There is self and an observer you learn about in Spiritual Addiction Treatment. To be spiritual simply means to look within. If addicted you are probably looking at things on the outside to help you. But we need connection to a Higher Power and to others. A connection that will help you look within and heal your life. Spiritual addiction treatment teaches this. It is remarkable really. Ken Wilbur calls the I the proximate self and the other the distal self; together they make up the overall self. The self is the part that thinks it is actually issuing orders to the itself, which is obviously the physiological being that functions and operates in the three dimensional field that we can all see.

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The self believes only what it can do with its five senses. It doesn’t believe it is possible to nurture your spiritual self. Often when we deal with the this aspect of who we are in spiritual addiction treatment, we see limitations, handicaps, shortfalls and boundaries. When we look at ourselves from the I we are looking from the right perspective. The I was there at birth; it existed first, before the first breath and has naturally taken the dominant role, even though it cannot be seen, even though it looks as though it is just an observer.

The I is your spirit, boundless and therefore capable of anything. It is immortal, it cannot die. It has a direct connection to all things spiritual, and knows its capabilities are interminable. As subtle as it is we know it’s there. It has taken us through everything we have ever had to deal with without really ever having been seen or perhaps even really felt.

So consider that there may be at least two sides to you! That there indeed may be a mind, body and soul that comprise the person that is you. Synergy and balance in all things seem to offer much better results than excess or compulsivity, let alone anything to do with spiritual addiction treatment. If you don’t nurture your spiritual self, or don’t even acknowledge its existence, then perhaps it is time to take a second look.

Control is the universal addiction

Control is a man made notion. Control is not something that comes from Your Spiritual Self. It is a concept brought about by our fear, our lack of faith in letting God manage our affairs. A sentence that sums up what I usually hear people say about there circumstances is, “I would love to just hand over my problems to God, but how do I know He’s going to be looking my way? Besides, I am far from a model Christian….”

The concept that we control our lives, and have the ability to manage our conditions in any way we choose is just a down right myth. Yes, some seem to have more ‘control’ than others and are quicker to jump back up, when life sends them a curve ball, however we are ultimately open to adversity, non-normative life events, illness and even death. We are mortal beings, with no physical armor to speak of. Our skin is as strapping and smooth as silk, our bones so brittle they can break in a mere fall and our inner bodies are subject to an array of internal and external influences at any given time. Yet, we are called as Gods among men to succeed in our life’s purpose. Learning to lean, trust and rely on God as entirely unseen, beyond the plain physical which is clearly seen, is undoubtedly most important as one of life’s major lessons in finding direction and power. Never again be fooled into thinking it is your task to be in a position of true power and control. Even if you had it, you couldn’t manage it.

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What is Spiritual addiction Treatment

Our Spiritual Self develops an in the now mentality. It was Theodore Roosevelt who said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. Much of the reason as to why we don’t succeed in dealing with both our problems and opportunities of the day effectively is because we are off elsewhere in thought.

We tend to pile yesterdays problems onto tomorrows and can find ourselves barely dealing with our present circumstances. Looking at this concept through a spiritual perspective, we are able to see that we are well equipped to deal with each day as it comes, yet our resolve and strength will not pay anymore than one days wage at a time. We are given ‘Daily bread’ to deal with all that could possibly come our way. Understandably perhaps, we are striving for weekly, yearly or even a lifelong supply of ‘bread’, a supply which will never come no matter how much we may try and prepare for it. Spiritual addiction treatment has much to teach, you may be super surprised.

Did you know that we make such a habit of being everywhere in thought at once that seldom more than 20% of your concentration will be put into any given conversation with another? Learn to be present in all that you do, working with the faculties that you have at that time. In other words play to your strengths, the ones that you have today, and look for ways to be more present in all that you do, forgetting about the woes of tomorrow, over which you have no control. Learn to focus on each moment, enjoying it to the full with all your energy focused on it. Be spiritually conscious of the fact that you would benefit from giving yourself more fully to each conversation, each encounter and each situation that arises as the day progresses. Spiritual addiction treatment makes you let go and let God. It makes you get over yourself. I want you to remember this, that your best thinking has got you here. To this place you are now. Wherever that may be.

Half of America for example is depressed and addicted. Why? Perhaps bringing a body and a brain to life’s demands is not enough. Perhaps you need the whole package? But it will be for you to find meaning and purpose in spiritual addiction treatment for yourself. My only suggestion is just don’t stay stuck. Look for new alternatives. Don’t stay addicted, depressed, burnt-out and lost in grief.

Come heal with us no matter what your personal situation. Recovery is private, amazing and mind blowing. A far cry from what people expect.

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