Change is difficult!

How do we change? not easily. With a 5 percent or so addiction recovery rate from traditional rehab centres, we know change is super hard. Addiction recovery and change don’t seem to go hand in hand, but they do. Yet, I see more and more people who keep telling me that they have for example, been depressed for the last 20 years. When I ask have they ever looked at getting any help, they often answer no…or once a long time ago. It is never, never too late to change. There is a lot of help out there. Our amazing depression and addiction centre is just one of the many avenues of help there are. If you could see the rapid and remarkable changes people make daily, you would get help straight away if you needed it. It is incredible!!

Tips for starting addiction recovery and change

Get rid of all the negatives in your life, one by one, day by day is a good way to start. Negatives will never do you any good in the long term. Negatives lead to a non-natural state that we manifest, decrease. Let’s look at some negatives. If you are skimming a percent from someone else for your own personal gain – stop. If you are making anyone else have any lack for your benefit – stop. If you are buying drugs and in turn supporting human trafficking (which you probably are), stop. Turning a blind eye doesn’t get rid of either karma or the consequences of your actions.  You see, there is no such thing as personal gain in a metaphysical reality. It is a myth, a deception that you could spend much of your time chasing and never finding, a lifetime perhaps. This is why Step 12 of the 12 steps of addiction treatment end in service, or ‘giving back’. There is no other way. If you want love, give it…to yourself and then to others. Same with happiness, positive vibes and all things love and light. It is all about the math. Addiction recovery and change mean that you have to walk down a certain road. The truth is what will set you free. So start by getting rid of the negatives and then by using the truth to set you free. It is something you will need to practice.

Addiction recovery and change

There is a spiritual solution

So what do we do to start working things like the law of attraction, karma, as you sow so shall you reap, what you get you give and all things theory of relativity related. Yep, they are all real! So remember, you do not want that lack out there, reflected onto yourself, either physiologically or spiritually. Pay attention to the small things. You could be called a small thing in the universe if you were looking at yourself in physical form. Never take anything that is not yours. To take is decrease, it is not receiving. Addiction recovery and change starts with us admitting this stuff to ourselves.

The secret is, you are being given exactly what you ask for, all the while having real and lasting abundance eludes you. Want more, more, more like addiction offers. You will end up with less, less, less. If you say I want more, the universe responds. Life has consequences and a flow. Addiction recovery and change mean getting into the flow. So, the employee at Home Affairs selling false documents, the government official skimming money, the company employee taking whatever is not nailed down, the postal worker opening envelopes, or the wealthy suburban not paying someone who is due payment, are all examples of people who are inviting continued decrease. Judging yourself as needing more money and acting upon that request yourself, is like ‘playing god’, playing Adam or Eve with the serpent. You steal instead of being given and then endlessly groan because of the lack in your life. If you look at the bigger picture it is easy to see how the choices we make affect us so immensely. Addiction recovery and change start with waking up to the reality that firstly, we are all in this together, we all become what we do and we all are guided by some wonderful force of nature that makes us stop being addicts to more, more, more. Now imagine everyone just wanted more and gave zip? It would be hell on earth.

We need to naught the negatives. To do so we need to begin with ourselves and search within ourselves and clear out all the debris and inertia that we have allowed to come in while we were perhaps looking the other way. Once we have become conscious we can begin to effect change, real change in our lives. If we understand that what’s good for me is good for you and what’s bad for me is bad for you also we can begin to grow. If a person understands that if he steals a wallet that it is bad for the person who has lost it, but more importantly he needs to understand that it is bad for him also. Addiction recovery and change scream out that I want to be part of, and no longer special and different to the point of harming self and others.

Easy come easy go is another universal law. We can’t be satisfied by what we stole or gained unfairly. What one gains from it will never satisfy him or her, no matter what the quantity inside. One must remember that not being satisfied is probably what hell would be like. Never being content, peaceful and prosperous is just a terrible way to live. Always being in want is a choice that we ourselves make. You can read a thousand books on self improvement, on spirituality even, but you cannot separate behaviour from thought. You cannot act in one way and think in another. In other words you cannot serve two masters. That is why the cases in point above are so important to look at and to grasp. Romans 12:1-2 says “be transformed by the renewal of your mind”. How powerful this understanding is. The wisdom it offers says that you have the power to transform your life by simply choosing to renew your mind. What a pleasure, what an opportunity! Change is possible by making your mind up about change and mentally practicing that change. Overcoming addictions is just as possible. Addiction recovery and change are super available to all. You need to work at change in order to overcome addiction, obsession and really grow in the art of learning how to renew your mind.

So, what are you thinking about? Do you ever think about what you’re thinking about? Do you know that you can choose your thoughts? That might seem like a strange thing to say, but the truth is, many people don’t realize they can choose what they think about. And it’s important for us to choose our thoughts carefully because our thoughts have a lot to do with our perspectives and attitudes.

In recovery we teach our clients to trust, risk and share. Addiction recovery and change start with trusting and a ‘we’ not ‘me’ mentality. This is an essential starting point if you want to learn how to renew your mind. You have to trust another, more proven or reliable way of doing things if you want change to happen, anything else is insanity. The 12 steps is one such way. Our thinking, the way it is gives us the set of life circumstances we find ourselves living right now, today. There are no accidents and things are the way they are for a number of reasons. One of these is the way we think – as you think so shall you be!

If we don’t go to meetings, get counselling or learn healthier new ways of living regularly our thinking will soon return to what it was. Circumstances will soon follow suit. We do these meetings and sessions where we trust, risk and share with others so we can renew our minds, renew our thinking.

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