If you embark on a drug treatment center programme you will almost certainly encounter pitfalls and hardships along the way. Beware of them and deal with them positively as they may arise. Here are some to watch for in our top 10 drug rehab tips of the month:

1 Absence of faith: Pray harder more often, asking God to stay the journey with you. Remember that you can fail God, but you are always forgiven and God will never fail you.

2 Dishonesty: (lying, keeping secrets, or dealing in half truths). You might be able to run a con for a while with everyone around you, but you will always know where you’re really at. You can never escape it. Dishonesty in any form will take its toll and lead you back to drinking or using. Our top 10 drug rehab tips definitely confirm that it just isn’t worth it.

3 Fear: Seek your Higher Power’s help when you become afraid, and talk about your fears openly. When we share our fears they get smaller, and when we replace fears with faith, they no longer exist.

4 Resistance to change: (hanging on to old friendships with old users, old places, and things). Since your growth is dependent upon change, do everything you can to accept it – be eager for it. You know full well that using people use people. As friends, those who care for you, are sharing your fellowship with you. Your freedom in sobriety gives you the right to make your own choices.

5 Immobility: If you do nothing, nothing will happen. I was once told that I will never think myself into action, but I will act my way into thinking. That was good advice. While the first step is always the hardest, it’s amazing how often the others will fall in line once the first step is taken.

6 Reaction: There are many instances when the best reaction is no reaction. But as long as we live, there will be situations to which we must react. It’s most important to consider these situations soberly – making sobriety the guidepost.

7 Withdrawal and isolation: We are not islands, we need each other very much. This is the great part of going to a drug rehab center. Sharing is the key, and we can’t share when we are isolated. This pitfall is often tied in with immobility; sometimes we just get lazy. So tip seven of our top 10 drug rehab tips is t get and remain active in the addiction programme, or fellowships, or your counselling, or all of it.

8 Abandonment of supports: Quite simply, if we don’t do all the right things, we’ll do all the wrong things – we’ll relapse. Constantly strive to bolster your sober support systems.

9 Heavy, involved relationships: Give yourself a break. The last thing you need while getting on track is any kind of extra weight hanging on to you. Keep in mind the simple fact that you can’t take care of somebody else, but you can take care of yourself.

10 Living outside the present: This boils down to complicating your life to no purpose. Maybe it’s not too trite to say that yesterday is history; tomorrow’s a mystery; work on today. Be grateful for today, embrace it in sobriety and freedom. It’s yours!

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