Private Drug rehab and Wellness Centre

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For free public assistance with drug addiction treatment the helpline number is 0800 121314, while SMS’s can also be sent to 32312. There is also FAMSA for support : Tel: (011) 975 7106/7

Drug rehab Centres

Private Drug rehab Centres

Drug Rehab Centres offer world class treatment for all addictions, depression treatment without addiction, dual diagnosis and healing from stress, burnout and trauma. We have established an incredibly unique upmarket and luxurious 20 sleeper private addiction treatment and wellness centre in the coastal paradise of Southern Africa. We offer world class addiction treatment with a team of professionals, that includes our highly skilled psychiatrist, psychologists and registered addiction counsellors. People who work as a multi-disciplinary addiction team have come together to ensure addiction treatment in South Africa is done at the highest and most sophisticated level possible.

With this package you, or your son, daughter or loved one is guaranteed the best care on the continent! Unique 3 to 30, 60 and 90 day personalized addiction and depression treatment packages are available to help different people with individualized care to treat their addictions, depression, burnout and dual diagnosis issues. Aftercare is also provided to ensure a start to finish package is available. Private or shared rooms are available for clients who are ready to have a life altering experience, not just regular rehabilitation.

With one of the best, and most, experienced teams of registered addiction and depression treatment teams in the country, we are helping people re-write their stories and become free from long term addictive behaviours to all substances, depression, anxiety and dual diagnosis.

Experience recovery in privacy and style at our nature based treatment centre, where you walk with Lions, Swim with Dolphins and partake in a personalized and unique treatment program all in one central location. Call today for different rates and packages that range from 3 to 90 days. All exclusively made to suit your recovery needs.


get in touch. Explain the situation and your specific requirements. We will do all we can to assist. We are a 30 minute flight or bus ride, from Cape Town, or double that from Gauteng. We collect clients at the airport and begin what clients have recently been calling it “the journey that changes everything”. You are cared for as a special guest, and autonomy and privacy are paramount with us. The only requirement is willingness. Guests, whether professional or individuals, are allowed to work, study and function at a higher level than they may be at home. Every comfort is taken care of, and we ensure that you, as an individual, are able to put recovery first!


START TO RE-WRITE YOUR LIFE STORY TODAY!! Pick the right drug rehab center and save a life. Or your life! Our highly experienced team of registered professionals will help you choose the right recovery programme solution that suits you. No obligation, we will help you immediately find the right, specific treatment for you either with ourselves or elsewhere.



A Drug rehab centre is often the shortest and cheapest route for a person to turn their lives around. There is a bunch of evidence to support this and choosing the right drug rehab centre to suit your specific needs is key to the success of the experience. Addiction treatment studies show that people completing full courses of inpatient rehab treatment are far, far more likely to succeed with recovery in the long term than those who don’t do in-patient treatment.

Private Drug rehab and Wellness Centre

Consider 30, 60 and 90 day drug rehab centre programmes that suit your specific needs. There are many programmes out there to choose from. Make sure you choose one that suits your recovery and life goals. There are in-patient and out-patient options. Stock standard or specialized options. There are also long and short term options, and addiction only or more emotionally and psychologically based programmes. Expensive and affordable options…you name it! The right option has become imperative in a time where traditional recovery rates are from as little as 5 percent.

We are here to help! We take an active interest in helping people with various issues, such as:

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction (cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, heroin, meth, mdma, etc.)
  • Gambling, Sex and Love addiction, internet, co-dependency and ALL other addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression Specialists and dual diagnosis
  • Smoking Cessation-
  • Weight, diet and body health management
  • Wellness retreats
  • IV Therapy and various natural and clinical detoxification.

Our drug rehab centres accommodate for people who:

  • Want a certain type of unique recovery experience, away from a clinical setting.
  • Who are looking for individualized treatment.
  • Clients who work, study or have families.
  • who are looking fir purpose, meaning and life change.
  • Clients who are seeking any type of growth experience. It does not have to be rehab. Wellness Centres, Retreats, Spiritual Experiences and assistance with helping young adults launch themselves into their next phase of life.

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Drug rehab Centres

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